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jimboyoo # 3 months ago
Tip of the day: don't try to lose weight by swimming. Just look at what happened to whales.
themarketingguy # 2 months ago
My viral marketing tip of the day: Go to Best Buy and change all the iPod Touch displays to your website or YouTube video.
Mr_Fobbers # 29 days ago
Training tip of the day: avoid buying toys that resemble household objects i.e shoes. Your pet cant tell between a shoe toy and a real shoe

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Clinton316 # 2 hours ago
Tip of the day: Don't criticize to quickly, even a clock that doesn't work is right twice a day.
IanBlackburn # 2 hours ago
Silverlight Tip of the Day #96 – The meaning of AG_E_PARSER_BAD_PROPERTY_VALUE
ndixon # 3 hours ago
Coffee shop working tip of the day: Don't breathe in your double espresso.

Tradelines for Business


You may have heard plenty of horror stories when it comes to applying for credit, whether it’s a personal credit line or a business loan. The difficulty is in creating a good credit record from scratch. One wrong move – a delayed payment, a missed payment – and your credit score will definitely suffer.


For a startup company, it can be suicide. Getting credit approved is a crucial concern in managing a business. You need that credit line in order to operate your business and preserve your cash flows. Now, how can a startup ensure a good credit score that can guarantee them credit approval in future applications?


Seasoned Tradelines


In order to understand how a good credit score can be maintained at the start of your business, you need to learn about tradelines. In credit parlance, tradelines are simply an entry in your credit record. They can be positive or negative – in this context, it won’t matter for now. What you need to understand is that every time you do something that will affect your credit score, like applying for a new loan and making the requisite payments, a Tradeline will be created in your credit record.


Seasoned tradelines are tradelines that have existed in your credit record. If they show positive progress, then seasoned lines can definitely help in boosting your credit score. Fortunately for you, there are ways that you can legally get tradelines placed on your credit record in a manner that reflects a favorable performance.


So, let’s move on to how we can get tradelines for your business.


How to Get a Tradeline


The typical process of getting a Tradeline is to get a loan from a tradelines provider. However, this loan is not like any loan that you may have already availed of. This is because the principal amount is not designed to be paid off. What you are expected to do instead is to be able to comply with the terms of the loan – this means that your concern will be to settle the interest on the loan for a specific number of months, after which you will return the money to the provider and pay for the service.


This scheme is designed to boost your credit score by getting tradelines annotated on your credit score as a reflection of your financial performance, just like improving the performance of a luxury auto rental. I’d call it simply as demonstrating your company’s capability to settle the terms of any loan so that it can be approved additional credit lines in the future.


What’s the advantage of this? You only pay the interest that is imposed upon the principal amount, which is only, at most, ten percent or at least five percent of the principal amount. It will not be much of a burden for your company financially. In return, you will be able to improve your credit score to the point that you will not have to worry about encountering problems in getting credit in the future.


You can get more information about how you can avail of tradelines for your startup company by simply visiting

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